Minecraft Dungeons Mobile Mechanics

Minecraft: Dungeons allows us to start the game from choosing one of four available characters. Since the characters do not differ in terms of their statistics of skills, the only thing that changes is their appearance.

While playing, we will observe the action from the bird’s eye perspective and we explore locations that are randomly generated and filled with numerous monsters. What is more, we will have to avoid traps and fight off the enemies that come from almost every possible side. As far as the combat system is concerned, we can notice a lot of arcade elements. Besides typical adversaries, we will also have to defeat powerful bosses. 

Although there is no traditional system responsible for improving the attributes of our character, we will still upgrade our figures by improving our equipment. We can find new items or buy them from one of the traders who will definitely provide us with extra gear… as long as we spend precious Emeralds for it. This is a type of currency available in the game. Besides armour and weapon (which is available both ranged and melee), we will also receive an access to a number of upgrades that can improve the quality of the items. In addition to that, we will also find powerful artefacts that offer us additional power.