Minecraft Dungeons Combat system

In here, we can notice a standard hack’n’slash genre. Besides zombies, creepers, and skeletons we know from Minecraft, it is also possible to find ghosts, necromancers, as well as a kind of key-keeper golem. The last one, as the name suggest, guards the keys that open the passage to further parts of the level. This is why beating him might be crucial if we wish to finish the level. Of course we will be able to avoid some of the monsters. Interestingly, golems will try to run away from us. Because of that, we might be forced to force our way through other creatures.

Obviously, the biggest hordes of enemies will approach us only if we play with three other players. The possibility to summon an additional ally, a wolf for example, introduces pure chaos onto the screens. 

Since the levels are random, the players will certainly appreciate the map that is going to be constantly updated. Just as in case of Diablo, we will be able to expand the mini map onto the screen, thanks to which it will be much easier to find the way out. The developers do not hide the fact that they were heavily inspired by the classic games of the genre, where we could explore variety of dungeons and underground. For this reason mini map mechanics is not the only element that was taken from other titles.